Thaddeus & Theodore Together

I haven't made a post in this community in a long, long time, so I figured it was about time I did. :)

I have two hedgehogs, Theodore and Thaddeus. Thaddeus just joined our family on the 14th. I got a message from an old high school friend on Facebook saying that another friend from high school's girlfriend (got that) works at Petsmart in Houston and some asshat abandoned a hedgie there. She immediately thought of me and was curious if I wanted to take it in. I had an extra cage, wheel, liners, hedgie bags, everything, so I very well couldn't turn it away.

I wasn't sure if it was a male or female, how old it was, or even whether it was healthy or not, but I just knew I had to take him. My partner was wary at first, for the simple fact that he was worried if it turned out to be sick and eventually died in my care that it would really hurt me, but I explained to him that yes, it would hurt me, but it would hurt me even more to know that I didn't give it a chance.

So, early Thursday morning they brought me a cardboard box with a tiny little hedgie inside. I was expecting an older, unsocialized, neglected hedgie, but it turns out he was a little, sweet as pie, neglected hedgie! I can't understand why anyone would want to just abandon this precious little guy!

I think he is around 4-6 months old and from what I can tell so far I think he is a dark eyed cinnicot. I'm a little curious because he has two solid white stripes on both of his sides. Possibly a little pinto? I'm not sure, but either way he is absolutely precious. Aside from the fact that he is really underweight, has severely dry skin, and had bedding (or something) MATTED into his quills he is doing wonderfully! He hasn't been to the vet yet, but he will be soon. :) He is already eating well and enjoying his new WHEEL! I don't think he had ever seen a wheel in his short little life. He is very, very sweet and enjoys being snuggled.

Anyway, here's a few photos I snapped of the two of them today.

Cut as to not overload you with cuteness!Collapse )

I swear, I am in hedgehog heaven! ♥

If you're interested in seeing all my hedgehogs pictures here's where you can find them.

- Quillson Wilson, my first hedgehog who passed from WHS in 2005. I miss him every day.

- Theodore Butters. He's not the most social hedgie, but I love him regardless.

- Thaddeus Otto.

Happiness is definitely a warm hedgie.

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I rescued a hedgehog out of a sour situation and I need a home for it, I cannot keep it as my own for parental reasons. He is very sweet and I want to see him go to a good home. If you are interested please email me at . I would prefer he go to an experienced owner.

Meet Molly

Meet Molly

I haven't decided on her color yet. Some of her bands are a light ash and others are a light blonde.. and about 5% solid white. My camera phone didn't pick up her colors very accurately. I'll eventually take a picture with my digicam when the sound of my blinking doesn't result in her curling up into a ball.

I rescued her from a very shady exotic pet store when I was out of town this past weekend. She was living in cedar bedding. The pet store employee told me that someone just left her in a box on the counter. She had been in the store for almost 3 months, and no one had touched her (except with a glove to change bedding) since then. I wanted to hold her, but the employee said I probably didn't want to because she was so mean (no, jerk, she was scared). They were selling her for $80. I talked them down to $40. I couldn't leave her there. I have had hedgehogs for the past 8 years. My other one is a dark grey named Xeke :o) I posted pictures of him awhile back.

Since Friday (when I first met her), she will now let me hold her. We are making excellent progress. She still gets scared if I even breathe wrong, but we are getting there :o) Lots of love and lots of patience.
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How do i make my hedgehog love me? Ive had him for over a year, and he still stabs me and snorts and huffs and puffs, i try handling him so much, i use gloves and leave him on my lap but he refuses to be nice, just stays in a ball and wont move. I don't wanna have to use gloves! I wanna hold him and love him without him eating me! Oh, and does anyone know how to make him stop pooing everywhere? I wish he could use a litter box, so it would be easy to clean, but he walks through it and gets poo everywhere. I have to clean the wheel so much...He's albino too, so you see everything, and its so gross I have to bath him so much.

Oh Dr. Squiggles! Why wont you love me?!

Can anyone help?